Buy online 

Are you interested in buying a horse in our auction and you plan to participate online? The process of online bidding consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Register yourself at Foal Auction 111 

  • Click here to create your online bid account. You will then be redirected to a secured registration page. On this secured page you enter your personal information and then you have to agree with our privacy terms that you can find on our website. Then click on the “Register” button. 
  • Then you will receive a validation email with a link. After clicking on the link you can "login" and bid on our auctions

Step 2: Bid online at the auction
You can login on our site. Fill in your login and password. Click on the menu item "COLLECTION" and you can start bidding

  • When you participate online at the auction via your computer, you will see live the auctioneer and see bids from the venue and, of course, other online bidders.
  • The bidding screen will clearly indicate the stage at which the auction is located.
  • Before you can bid, you must accept our conditions. After accepting our conditions your bid button will be active. You will participate in the auction by a single click on the bid button. The bid block will always display the last bid.
  • A bid in the auction is unconditional, irrevocable and without any reservation. Clicks on the bid button are bidding! To confirm the bidding speed, no confirmation of your bid is requested. So, with a single click on the bid button, you have made a direct bid.
  • During the auction you should be available on the mobile phone number you entered, which you entered in your profile.

Step 3: You are the highest bidder
If you are the highest bidder, you will receive an email with the confirmation.

  • If you are the highest bidder, you will receive an email with the confirmation.
  • The purchase agreement only comes into effect by the seller’s award.
  • In case an internet-deposit has been paid: if you are not the highest bidder on the auction, the internet deposit will be returned to your account within 14 days of your request, if requested. If you are the highest bidder, the internet deposit (if requested) is refunded after you meet your obligations that are the result of your winning bid(s)
  • In case an internet-deposit has been paid: you may request the auction organization to use the internet-deposit as (partial) guarantee for the security deposit to be paid.
  • In case an internet-deposit has been paid: if you are the highest bidder and do not meet your obligation to pay the security deposit, the auction organization will claim the internet-deposit to pay (or in part) the cost of re-auction. The internet-deposit will not be paid to you.

Do you have any questions and / or comments? Please send an e-mail to or call Stijn +32 (0) 477 24 27 47

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